Counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families, in Melbourne's CBD


Experienced professionals offering expert, caring and confidential counselling in Melbourne, close to Flinders Street Station and the major tram routes.

Why seek counselling?

People come to see a counsellor for a wide range of reasons. There might be an event or situation in your life whose impact is difficult to  cope with, and where it's hard to discover the best course of action. There might be emotional challenges which are not easy to talk about  to friends or family. Sometimes there may be workplace difficulties; or tension, unhappiness and conflict in couple or family relationships. We offer experienced and confidential counselling for:

Workplace stress    -    Depression   -   Anxiety    -    Trauma    -    Loss and grief    -    Life transitions    -    Relationship difficulties    -    Parenting challenges    -    Family difficulties    -    Life directions